Dr Trevor Clohessy talks #blockchain and #business models

Season #1 Episode #11

Who: Dr. Trevor Clohessy, Lecturer in Business Information Systems and Transformative Technologies at GMIT School of Business In this episode Lavinia talks to Dr. Trevor Clohessy who has been researching blockchain technologies for the past six years. He discusses how he first became interested in the potential of Blockchain in 2015. The steps he is taking to ensure there is #diversity and #inclusion in tech education throughout Ireland, including his support of the female led initiative "Block W". He gives advice on business' who are looking to launch from a centralised orientated business model to a decentralised business model Trevor also goes into detail on what to expect from Blockchain Ireland Week - 24th May to 27th May. Links Dr Trevor LinkedIn:  Block W:  Blockchain Ireland:  Wired YouTube Video:  Medium Article:  Instagram: @womeninblockchaintalks  Twitter: @LaviniaOsbourne  LinkedIn : @LaviniaOsbourne THIS MONTHS TALK : https://wibt.mykajabi.com/May2021Talk ALL THE LINKS to what is going in the WiBT Community: