3 Month Anniversary: Women, Podcasting & Blockchain with Anu Bhardwaj

Season #1 Episode #13

It has been 3 fun months since we launched our podcast on International Women's Day (8th March) and we have had a host of wonderful guests sharing their wisdom, insights and experiences on different aspects of #Blockchain Technology. Today we have the dynamic Anu Bhardwaj, CEO of Women Investing in Women Digital & Blockchain & Digital Assets Influencer - We discuss the importance of using our voices to raise, and invite, other women and marginalised groups in the tech and entrepreneurial space - Her mission to bring information and education to the bottom billion of the world thru her Sheqonomi platform - Her personal entrepreneurial journey and the sacrifices both she and her daughter have made along the way - Her vision to create social impact using both her event and podcast platform - How she is using blockchain technology to create transparency and equity for women It is a great episode! So don't miss it! Links:  Anu Bhardwaj LinkedIn - Upcoming Events: www.Hopin.com/events/strongertogether (22nd - 24th June) Female Podcast Platform - /