Life Coaching & Personal Growth within the Blockchain Sphere

Season #1 Episode #19

With the rapid growth of Blockchain technology, irrelevant of its various challenges, many people either outside or on the peripherals of its alluring sphere may feel that they are being left behind. This is far from the case! There is more than enough room for people to come into this innovative space, learn, share, connect and collaborate! Hence, one of the reasons for Women in Blockchain Talks' '50k Women into Blockchain by 2023' campaign launched earlier this year! But let's be clear to be in this space, as an individual, you have to be open to what is possible, to expanding your mind so that you can add, and be part of the conversation rather than an afterthought, This means personal growth, perhaps more so than professional growth. Clarisse Encontre, an avid crypto and blockchain enthusiast in this space for several years now, discusses how she got started in Blockchain, her role at Swissborg one of the top crypto wealth management platforms, as well as her new passion for life coaching with Lavinia, and why it is relevant to the continued growth of the industry. Links:  Swissborg Clarisse's Linkedin WiBT Membership