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"Inspiring, encouraging, and knowledgeable." 
Priya Guliani, Regional Director EMEA at Government Blockchain Association

Members benefit from:

Regular Career and Industry Themes
to help you understand all the ways blockchain is being utilised and how it may apply to you.

Masterclasses aimed at both beginners and more advanced members of the community - giving you a better understanding of how to use PR and Marketing to build your blockchain business, the legalities of Crypto Tax and so many more!

Event Recording Vault with all our backdated Women in Blockchain Talks interviews, discussions and courses!

Brilliant Resources such as ebooks, courses and videos from our speakers and other guest experts.

Blog/Vlog opportunities to get your voice heard in our community, sharing your personal or professional achievements, thoughts or curiosities!

Monthly Ask Me Anything Events - as a member you will get to submit your questions in advance to ensure you get the answers you need. 

Priority access and discounts to all Women in Blockchain Talks events such as our annual summit, workshops and NFT minting parties!

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Women in Blockchain Talks Membership

Roll up! Roll up!

The Women in Blockchain Talks Membership has had its doors open to crypto novices, Bitcoin enthusiasts, blockchain curious and those wanting to learn more about this innovative technology to enhance their career and life for nearly 2 years.

Blockchain technology is not a fad or a subject to be ignored. It is revolutionising industries and creating wealth. LinkedIn calls it the “future of works”, so isn’t it time you staked your position in this emerging landscape of work, money and tech innovation?

Women in Blockchain Talks is the UK’s No-1 female led award-winning Blockchain educational and networking platform. Our ethos is on promoting inclusivity and diversity as such our community is open to all genders. We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing space to learn; a space that simplifies and makes subjects usually packed with jargon more accessible and interesting.

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"Lavinia is great at communicating a complex message in an engaging and understandable way." 
Ian Horne, Head of UK Audience Development at Citywire Financial Publishers Ltd

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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With diversity and inclusion at our core, this membership allows for an approachable, friendly and broad networking opportunity. Aimed at aiding both beginners and those with some knowledge already to progress. Why not join our free community on Ugenie to come say hi?
Access historical courses and classes with incredible guest expert speakers from throughout the blockchain and cryptoassets community with new masterclasses added all the time!
Accessible, fascinating topics to lose yourself in and learn.
We will be placing every talk, every podcast, every single interview with the experts who work with us into a members vault for you to search and watch at your own disposal! Click to subscribe to our youtube channel which gives you a taster!

Get 12 months for the price of 10!

"It is a collaborative and inquisitive group that seek to learn from, educate and support women in this emerging tech field. The community vibe was fun and receptive and I would consider it a privilege to speak with them again!"

Linda Goetze
Former President/CEO Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

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