'Determined to Break Down the Barriers'

It's incredibly refreshing to be welcomed into conversations that involve complex tech where people are determined to break down the barriers for others to participate and in ways that are fun and engaging.

Rose Tighe, Innovation Leader at Sky Labs



Invite us into your workplace to offer a Blockchain 101 Workshop to your staff, a 60-90 minute presentation tailored to your business needs to help your staff get up to speed on this leading technology and how it could affect your business and/or customers. 

We will help you to inspire, encourage and guide them to utilise this knowledge in their day to day, allowing you to harness the future and affect real change.

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'Understanding, Attractive and Crucial'

Lavinia was my first touch point in blockchain. I was curious about NFT’s but knew nothing when I decided to attend an education session hosted by AllBright featuring Lavinia. 
I was so impressed by Lavinia, she made the subject understandable, attractive, and crucial for women to understand. She was down to earth and so knowledgeable, the perfect person to get a large group on uncertain women engaged in the topic.

Hannah Maude, Digital Commerce & Innovation, FMCG - Profiling Brilliant Women - Fire and Forte.

Blockchain is one of the leading topics in technology today. With the excitement generated by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, leading companies and industries are striving to see how blockchain can revolutionize their businesses. But blockchain goes far beyond cryptocurrency.

Come and learn the basics of Blockchain for Business over lunch with us.

See how leaders in different industries are leveraging this hot technology and discover what some of the typical essential elements are needed to make a good case for a blockchain-based solution as well as come to understand the concepts associated with building a blockchain network.

This 60-90 minute introduction to Blockchain will look at it from both a technological and social impact tool. Finishing with how it is evolving into an ecosystem encompassing NFTs, Crypto, Web3 and the Metaverse with opportunities to ask questions too.



Executives, Technology leaders, EAs who are looking to better understand what blockchain might mean to their industry or customers.


Lavinia Osbourne is your host for this event, award winning leading voice in Blockchain, innovation and diversity - she is renowned for making jargon heavy, intimidating subjects accessible, welcoming and fascinating with easy to follow talks and courses. 



- What does Blockchain and Web3 mean to you?
- Introduction to Blockchain 101
- The future of Business & Blockchain
- Which Blockchain is right for your business
- Q&A
-  Learn about WiBT and how we can help you and your business get started in blockchain.

And remember, you will also get access to our General Women in Blockchain Talks membership, giving you access to our vault of recordings and resources, access to discounts and free attendance to our Blockchain Business Breakfast monthly networking events - completely FREE for 3 months for 2 members of your company!


All for only £1500.


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'Thought provoking, absolutely relateable and human'

Weber Shandwick recently held an event looking at emergent topics that would shape the communications landscape, and Lavinia was approached to give her views on aspects ranging from NFTs and how brands need to think strategically in employing them, to aspects of DE&I in the metaverse. As ever, the advice and recommendations she gave were incisive, thought-provoking and absolutely relatable and human – a hard balance to strike with such complex subject matter.

Andrew Newton, Senior Vice President, Business Development at Weber Shandwick