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Thought Leader, Moderator & International Speaker

Lavinia D. Osbourne is an established agent for change in blockchain, and an entrepreneur at the vanguard of NFT development and futurist for the emergent metaverse. Through her work as Founder of WiBT she has won and been nominated for accolades such as the National Diversity Award for Community Organisation and Best Diversity Resource/Initiative Award; whilst as an individual she is one of Wirex's Rising Women in Crypto 2021, a TechWomen100 winner 2020, a 2021 LinkedIn Top Voice in Tech & Innovation, and Cog X Gender Leadership Winner 2022.

Combining her passionate belief in blockchain’s egalitarian ideals with a commitment to utilising her knowledge, connections and entrepreneurial spirit to bring opportunity for all, Lavinia works tirelessly to break down barriers by raising underrepresented voices.

She has been shortlisted for the Rising Women in Crypto Powerlist 2021, she was winner of the 2022 CogX Award for Recognising Leadership, Gender Equality Leader, a  TechWomen 100 award winner in 2020 and has been featured on numerous podcasts, you-tube channels and articles (Such as and Cointelegraph and Decrypt to name a few.) She is host and founder of Women in Blockchain Talks - with her own podcast, membership and communities.

Driven by the desire to provide jargon free content and empower women and minority groups into the tech space. She is a champion for diversity and raw potential. 

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If you are here then you likely already host events or content around the topics of blockchain, crypto-currencies or Web 3.0 and need an excellent MC or speaker who can offer insight, humour, and an engaging, professional but approachable attitude to this always evolving, highly exciting subject.

Alternatively, you may be considering training up your staff and want to find ways to integrate some or all of those elements with the way your business functions, check out our Lunch and Learn or NFT Minting Party events.  From introducing new payment methods to creating a more transparent operation, or maybe how to get started with crypto-currencies, I can offer experienced insight into these topics and so many more and I know that with my support we can streamline your path to embracing digital currency and blockchain technology.

If either of these things are true then please reach out and lets have a chat so that I can find out how I can support you with your business goals or take a look at my recommendations on Linkedin.

I bring such a huge personal passion to this subject, with my number one aim being to inspire those who have no understanding of blockchain or crypto, to complete fascination.

Blockchain is diverse by design and it's adoption should be supported by all genders, all races, all ages and backgrounds.

This diversity brings ideas and experiences by the spade full and allows us to see the myriad ways in which this technology can be used, and absolutely boom in the years to come.

Get in now, while the technology is just beginning and make a difference, not just to your business and the diversity of your workforce, but to the global adoption of more transparent, trustworthy and traceable business practice.

Make that what you stand for.

Trust. Equality. Adaptability. Progress.


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