and bring creativity and perspective to your industry.

Upskill your employees and empower your business in what Linkedin calls the 'Future of Works'.

Have you heard the term blockchain? Already have teams in place utilising blockchain technology to find business solutions? Maybe you support other businesses with streamlining, security and processes. 

Blockchain seems complicated, and it definitely can be, but its core concept is really quite simple. A blockchain is a type of database or ledger.

This database allows for businesses or individuals to record transactions - whether that is financial, medical, logistical, agricultural - you get the picture - any transaction stored on a blockchain is un-hackable, fully traceable, designed to take the trust out of transactions as the database records everything across multiple servers.

Empower Your Employees Now

#Choosetochallenge diversity in tech

International Women's Day every year asks us to choose to challenge gender diversity in all things. Do you actively challenge or encourage diversity within your business?

The applications for blockchain technology are limitless and when it comes to creativity, perspective and potential - if you feel your staff have a limited range of diversity, that too limits the potential for growth. 

Get some new perspectives. Show your work-force how progressive you are by supporting women - and not just women, but people from different and interesting careers, backgrounds and countries to bring their ideas to the table.

You will be astounded by the potential it will offer your company as you plough forward in this changing world.

Imagine for a moment what an empowered, valued, creative work force could do for your products, services and clients.

SHOW THEM what you stand for

Sign them up to the Women in Blockchain Talks Membership - packed full of online courses, live masterclasses with industry experts, inspirational talks and networking events with endless opportunity for growth that they will be able to apply to their role working for you and their future career. 

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"It is a collaborative and inquisitive group that seek to learn from, educate and support women in this emerging tech field. The community vibe was fun and receptive and I would consider it a privilege to speak with them again!"

Linda Goetze
Former President/CEO Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

"In a space as transformational as emerging tech, a diverse representation of voices is essential to ensure new innovation develops in such a way as to not just benefit one small set of the population. Lavinia brings a much needed platform to ensure blockchain is accessible."

Timothy Coleman
Director/Developer at UNEGMA LTD and Co-Organiser for Ethereum London

"Loved the focus on making the sector more accessible.

Anyone can look at their own field and explore how blockchain could disrupt the way they work."

Francis Liddell
PhD Candidate, Blockchain & Museum Practices, The University of Manchester