WiBT’s stand alone BBB events have been running for almost two years, they are an opportunity for the London Blockchain Business scene to come together. Our roundtable styled events are designed to maximize networking, so we limit attendees to just 30 people.

The Blockchain Business Breakfast Monthly event is a “standalone” event but we also offer an annual rollover membership for £45 a month (£540).

Similarly to the General Membership, the BBB Membership offers pioneers and leaders who are aspiring to upskill and be the tech trailblazers of tomorrow, regardless of age, gender, nationality or background - a lot more opportunity to network beyond the monthly breakfasts themselves. 

Women in Blockchain Talks is the award-winning and No.1 global diversity-driven blockchain networking and educational platform with several in person, global chapters.

Our ethos is on promoting inclusivity and diversity, as such our community, resources and memberships is open to all genders. We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing space to learn; a space that simplifies and makes subjects usually packed with jargon more accessible and interesting for all.

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Event Recording Vault with a selection of our backdated Women in Blockchain Talks interviews, discussions and courses!

Blockchain Business Breakfast - this monthly networking event is hosted in London and as a member you get a seat at that table. (You will still need to book but will be able to do so at no additional cost.

Private WiBT Membership group exclusive for Blockchain Business attendees - this community will further enhance your ability to network with Blockchain Businesses.

Newsletter - you will be able to submit articles, promotional material and services for us to include in a monthly newsletter that will reach all members. 

Speaking, Sponsorship and Team Building Discounts - You will be able to GET 10% OFF  opportunities to speak at WIBT events including BBB's, book 'Lunch & Learn' training for your staff and NFT Minting Parties for a spin on team building for your staff! 



As data has shown, it is not a fad or a subject to be ignored. It is revolutionising industries and creating wealth. LinkedIn calls it the “future of works”, so isn’t it time you staked your position in this emerging landscape of work, money and tech innovation?


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"It is a collaborative and inquisitive group that seek to learn from, educate and support women in this emerging tech field. The community vibe was fun and receptive and I would consider it a privilege to speak with them again!"

Linda Goetze
Former President/CEO Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

"In a space as transformational as emerging tech, a diverse representation of voices is essential to ensure new innovation develops in such a way as to not just benefit one small set of the population. Lavinia brings a much needed platform to ensure blockchain is accessible."

Timothy Coleman
Director/Developer at UNEGMA LTD and Co-Organiser for Ethereum London

"Loved the focus on making the sector more accessible.

Anyone can look at their own field and explore how blockchain could disrupt the way they work."

Francis Liddell
PhD Candidate, Blockchain & Museum Practices, The University of Manchester