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So, you have come across Women in Blockchain Talks and you are wondering what we are all about...


Succinctly, Women in Blockchain Talks is the award-winning female-led monthly educational and networking event where dynamic women in the industry share their knowledge, thoughts, and insights on their tech, career and business journey!


However, we can only guess that at this point you are pretty sick of trying to find events or resources that aren't:

  • jargon heavy
  • unapproachable
  • elitist
  • unrepresentative of you, your background, race or gender...

...that frankly don't take the time to address your real questions, explain the terminology or seek to empower YOU to take YOUR next steps on your blockchain journey.

OR maybe you have merely heard the term blockchain and have no idea how or why it is relevant to you, your career or investments.


Its probably not for you right?

You work in PR, Marketing, Sales, E-Comm, Research, your fresh out of couldn't possibly utilise knowledge about this technology...Nope....


Blockchain technology adds security, transparency, traceability and TRUST to any and all transactions - from Covid-19 vaccinations to how your avocadoes get from farm to plate.


Blockchain needs great PR and Marketing minds to write blogs to empower others to use it for needs customer service experts to consider how it could improve trust on a customers journey to buying a home, a car, even a pair of shoes online....can you currently be sure of where they came from, the labour used, the materials?

Ok, I am hoping I am getting those cogs going now, let's get down to why you need to quickly fill out the sign up form... 

I don't need to hear anymore, sign me up!

Lavinia Osbourne, host and founder of WiBT, will discuss with Zara and Laura why they got into Blockchain; how they got started, their area of expertise and any advice they'd give to women (and men) wanting to create their place in this innovative and rapidly progressive industry.

This is a FREE talk and networking event, 2 hours of CONTENT, no catch. 


Here's what you get:

An approachable, Q&A driven, approachable, FASCINATING talk with our host, Lavinia Osbourne and two world-class guest speakers, offering the MOST incredible conversation.

Zara Zamani, Head of Disruptive Technologies at MetaBytes, a blockchain expert and architect. As well as Laura Degiovanni, CEO and Founder of TiiQu, Laura founded TiiQu with the aim to positively impact the objectivity of decision-making processes with a blockchain backed trust mechanism. 

The opportunity to catch up with the recording by trialling our membership for only £1 if you are at the event. 

Access to more than an hour of fantastic networking time where people have secured work experience, career LEAPS, you name it...

An invite into our FREE community with nearly 700 members, great resources, job listings, help with terminology, what's in the news...and so much more.

Convinced yet? Come give it a look in and let's fill one of your evenings with something that will really make a difference.

I'm ready, how do I join?

Let's get this party started shall we?

Don't delay, register now so that you can get this in your diary. Don't forget, our £1 membership trial is only available to those who register so get your name on the list!

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