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International Women's Day

This full day event, hosted some of the most innovative women leaders in the Blockchain, Crypto and NFT space.

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This event is being dedicated to Margaret P Osbourne, Lavinia's mother, who sadly passed on 14th February this year, ending her battle with Dementia.

A portion of the profits from this event will go to a Dementia charity in her memory.


What can you expect?


This day long event was packed with fascinating talks and practical learning. You will be able to follow along and enjoy every talk and workshop that took place.






Lavinia D Osbourne: 

Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, Fintech & Welltech specialist! As well as a Financial Wellbeing & Business coach.

She has been shortlisted for the Rising Women in Crypto Powerlist 2021, she was winner of the TechWomen 100 award in 2020, has been featured on numerous podcasts, you-tube channels and articles (Cryptonites.tv and Cointelegraph and Decrypt to name a few) and is host and founder of Women in Blockchain Talks - with her own podcast, membership and communities.

Driven by the desire to provide jargon free content and empower women and minority groups into the tech space. She is a champion for diversity and raw potential. 

As Seen In




Read on to hear about the esteemed women leaders and founders we rounded up to speak to you on everything from Venture Capital for Blockchain Startups to the Blockchain Job Market and how you can take your blockchain career to the next level. As well as social impact, empowerment and sustainable development goals. 



01:00 PDT | 04:00 EDT | 10:00 CEST |  12:00 GST | 16:00 ACT

Introduction: Celebrating Women in Blockchain

With your Host - Lavinia D Osbourne




9:30AM BST

01:30 PDT | 04:30 EDT | 10:30 CEST |  12:30 GST | 16:30 ACT

Is Blockchain Amplifying the Female Voice?

Discussion with our panel, Moderator - Anastasiia Ilcheva and panellists Genevieve Leveille, Dr Jane Thomason and Anu Bhardwaj. This incredible group of women will discuss the role blockchain has in championing women and our voices in this space. 



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10:20AM BST

02:20 PDT | 05:20 EDT | 11:20 CEST |  13:20 GST | 17:20 ACT

Your Voice, Impact & How it can Amplify Others & Break Biases!

With your Host - Lavinia D Osbourne



11:15 AM BST

03:15 PDT | 06:15 EDT | 12:15 CEST |  14:15 GST | 18:15 ACT

Amplifying Your Voice

With Jenny Corlett, April 6 PR Agency.

Over the last five years, Jenny has worked to help crypto and blockchain business tell their stories in a way that's accessible to the global media, working directly with some of cryptos founding fathers.

Her keynote will touch on her journey into crypto, her experience navigating the crypto boys club and the shift in media attitudes and sentiment towards crypto and blockchain - from being told blockchain was a 'trigger word' by a journalist to watching top tier publications throw entire events dedicated to the topic. She will also look at how people in the space can use their voice, and how to navigate the uniquely muddy waters of crypto media.




04:00 PDT | 07:00 EDT | 13:00 CEST |  15:00 GST | 19:00 ACT

Blockchain, Social Impact & SDG's.

Discussion and Q&A





12:30 PM BST

04:30 PDT | 07:30 EDT | 13:30 CEST |  15:30 GST | 19:30 ACT

Breakout Sessions: Blockchain, Social Impact & Breaking Bias.

Lead by your Host, Lavinia D Osbourne.




Break for Lunch - 12:45 PM BST for 1 hour.





1:45PM BST

05:45 PDT | 08:45 EDT | 14:45 CEST |  16:45 GST | 20:45 ACT

Blockchain: Accelerators, Hackathons & VCs.

Are you a blockchain startup, developer, innovator or in need of funding? Join the discussion with our panel of women founders as they discuss the opportunities available in today's market and how you could take advantage of them, with a Q&A to allow you to make the most of the session.





2:30PM BST

06:30 PDT | 09:30 EDT | 15:30 CEST |  17:30 GST | 21:30 ACT

Blockchain, the Job Market & Women.

Join the discussion with our esteemed panel of leading women founders, they will be discussing how to get ahead in this leading, exciting industry and what the current state of affairs are, also enjoy a Q&A and get your curiosities answered!




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3:15PM BST

07:15 PDT | 10:15 EDT | 16:15 CEST |  18:15 GST | 22:15 ACT

The Data.

With your Host - Lavinia D Osbourne

Do you find yourself curious about the actual status of women in blockchain, NFT's and crypto? How many are actually getting the jobs, leading the teams, at the forefront of innovation.

Let's explore the data together.




07:00 PDT | 10:00 EDT | 16:00 CEST |  18:00 GST | 22:00 ACT

Keynote: Nicole Sandler, Barclays

We are so excited to be welcoming Nicole Sandler, Head of Digital Policy at Barclays to our stage!

Nicole has quite the reputation. Top 100 Women in FinTech 2022 & 2018. FinTech Influencer of the Year 2019. Most Influential Women in FinTech Regulation 2019. Women in FinTech Powerlist. European Commission Innovation Expert Group.

Don't miss the chance to chat to this trailblazer and see what she is up to in the ever expanding world of Blockchain, Crypto and NFT's,




08:00 PDT | 11:00 EDT | 17:00 CEST |  19:00 GST | 23:00 ACT

Women in Blockchain Talks: Our Mission

And how you can be a part of it.

Women in Blockchain Talks was started in 2019 with the aim to bring women and those from marginalised groups into the blockchain space. With global leadership programmes, memberships, courses and so much more to offer - we would love to tell you a little more about what we stand for and how you can be a part of it, benefit from it and champion it too!



5:45PM BST

08:45 PDT | 11:45 EDT | 17:45 CEST |  19:45 GST | 23:45 ACT

Into the Hyperverse

Learn how to build web3 apps at hyperspeed with JavaScript with Niharika Singh from Decentology. This will be a practical workshop lasting around 75-90 minutes.